First Review

Great review from the folks at Sludgelord.

“The vocals and riffs feel like they have been crafted and molded in HELL itself.”
“Imagine a mad man tearing you limb from limb as Shallow Grave leave you with that unpleasant feeling of unwanted mayhem and destruction.”
“This is an album you will never forget. It’s an uncompromising journey into the abyss of darkness.”

Full review here:

Album available on CD from Astral Projection on February 4th.

For NZ cunts, we’ll let you know how you can get a hold of the album real soon.
We also have more T-shirts coming up to Auckland at the moment.


Shallow Grave T-Shirts and Album Cover

The Shallow Grave full length is all done and dusted and will be released through the Astral Projection in February 2013.

Album cover below:


We also got our shit sorted and had a limited number of t-shirts printed for the album. They’ll be available for purchase at this year’s annual Stonerfest in Auckland, this Satdee 1st December for $25. Available in black and white.












Cheers cunt.


Shallow Grave debut full length album, to be released in 2012 by Astral Projection.
Engineered by Sedgwick B Adams. Produced by Shallow Grave & Sedgwick B Adams
Recorded & Mixed at Quinta del Sordo. Mastered by Tom Anderson.

1. Devil’s Harvest
2. Chemical Fog
3. Nameless Chants
4. From Boundless Heights
5. To Unfathomable Depths
6. City Of The Dead/Sustainiac


June/July Upcoming Shows

Dunedin and Auckland.

Upcoming Shows – April/May/June

Last month we played with Dead Meadow, Pink Mountaintops and our homies Arc of Ascent at the Kings Arms Tavern. Shit went surprisingly well considering the show was during the week and the night after BORIS. It was a fairly late support announcement so we didn’t really get the chance to put anything up on the net before the show. Cheers Ami Holifield and Rob MacManus foir the hookup. Dead Meadow were crazy good!

Tonight we had a show lined up with Cauldron Black Ram and Diocletian at Whammy Bar in Auckland, however, due to injury we had to pull out. Lord of Tigers have taken out place instead. Event info here:

See you kehhnts there.

Otherwise, Auckland and Wellington – look the fuck out:Image


Details in regards to a Dunedin show with SOMME to be announced shortly.


Recording Update

Tracking is 99% complete! No release date still, however, we expect it to be out early on this year. We’re going to release it on via tape/digital download (hopefully a release on vinyl later on in the year too) with a t-shirt to accompany .

We haven’t taken any more video/photos since the last lot so here’s a ridiculously violent scene from a fantastic Korean flick:

July 15th + 16th upcoming shows.

If you’re in Hamilton this coming Friday, be sure to drag yourself along to Biddy Mulligans on Victoria Street for an evening of aural atrocities. This will be the northern leg of Meth Drinkers album release tour so drop the bongs/needles/glue bag and get along to this shit.



There will also be a follow up from the Biddy’s show on Saturday with Sludge Ridden Lounge Jams II at 42 Third Ave in Kingsland (Auckland). The last one was rowdy as shit so we’re hoping round 2 wont be any different. Everyone is welcome, however, it is someones house so anyone acting the fool will be shown the door or dragged over broken glass. See you there.






Shallow Grave Website

Sup! We’ll do an update soon about some shows coming up and the forthcoming album, in the meantime check out a short excerpt of a filthy demo recording we did recently. With promo video! We may post a couple more riffs from the same recordings, watch this space. Cheeeers.