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Upcoming Shows – April/May/June

Last month we played with Dead Meadow, Pink Mountaintops and our homies Arc of Ascent at the Kings Arms Tavern. Shit went surprisingly well considering the show was during the week and the night after BORIS. It was a fairly late support announcement so we didn’t really get the chance to put anything up on the net before the show. Cheers Ami Holifield and Rob MacManus foir the hookup. Dead Meadow were crazy good!

Tonight we had a show lined up with Cauldron Black Ram and Diocletian at Whammy Bar in Auckland, however, due to injury we had to pull out. Lord of Tigers have taken out place instead. Event info here:

See you kehhnts there.

Otherwise, Auckland and Wellington – look the fuck out:Image


Details in regards to a Dunedin show with SOMME to be announced shortly.